BED Closed Until Further Notice

To all our beloved BED-heads,

On July 8, 2010, a date we will never forget, Manila's gay community suffered a tragic loss. The biggest GLBT club in Manila, BED, caught on fire at around 8:30pm. Fortunately the club was not open at that time and no one was hurt and thanks to the heroic efforts of firemen in the area, the fire was quickly contained and did not spread to the other establishments. Sadly, the same cannot be said for BED. Investigation is under way but until then we are sad to announce that BED is closed until further notice.

For many of us BED served as our second home. It was our haven, our sanctuary, and our playground. It had a phenomenal run of 7 and a half years and during that time many friendships were created within its walls, countless people were brought together. It had the most hardworking staff, incredible performers, and world class DJ's who delivered banging house and tribal sounds that can rival other clubs in the world. BED put Manila on the map and became a prime destination for GLBT tourists around the world. Until now, it is still listed in many travel guides as the number one GLBT nightclub in the Philippines. We are proud to say that BED has earned its place in history.

Sadly all we can do for now is grieve, hope, and wait. The next few weeks will be a challenge. This sudden loss of home leaves us all lost and confused. However we would like you to know that the fire may have taken away our walls but it will never take away our spirit. Don't take off your dancing shoes yet. The music will soon play again and we will dance all night once more. Have hope dear BED-heads, we will rise again.

Honor our home by changing your profile picture to the one posted below. It will help us as we pick up the pieces if you show us your love for BED. Share with us also your fondest memory of BED by writing it here on our wall. Memories are impervious to fire, share it with us here. Watch out for some treats from us as well. Keep checking back here for some of BED's memorable pictures, videos, and of course music.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible show of support for the last 7 ½ years. We wouldn't have lasted this long with you all. We are music. We are dance. We are love. We are play. We are one. We are BED.

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Much Love and Thanks,
BED Management